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Other than this, we also organise many events related to youths and women in our library and hostel, and also in the centre of our co-partner NGO Krantijyoti in Pune, Maharashtra.

The educated youths preparing for the job oriented exams such as UPSC, MPSC, Banking, Railways, SSC, SSB etc. get our library and hostel facility free of cost in the main city of Amravati. In the library, we have sufficient infrastructure for their studies such as chairs, tables, books and a hall in Amravati. We have a corpus of nearly 1000 books for our students in it. Around 100 students (70 male and 40 female) from rural and backward socio-economic background avail this facility. Around 25 male youths stays in our hostel. In the coming years, we are planning to extend this facility to women also in our under constructed infrastructure. In last few years hundreds of students have been successful in getting the jobs due to these facilities by us and most importantly time to time guidance by the experts which we invite from different places.