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After release from the prison, the people experience a lot of public-apathy, apprehensions and anxieties which hampers their routine life to be returned in a normal way. These people also can be seen victimised and their human rights to be deprived. To meet these challenges for the people coming back from the prison into society, VARHAD works in an intensive way by extending its maximum time and resources for their rehabilitation. We help these people in three ways.

1. VARHAD has its own “Rehabilitation Centre” for the released prisoners in Amravati, where we provide vocational training to create a decent livelihood for them. Here, we provide lodging and boarding facility for four families (of prisoners) who do not have their own accommodation or means of livelihood after their release. The Rehab Center has a farm where full-time employment for the released prisoners and their families is provided, at a given point in time. These families get free lodging, boarding, limited milk supply (for consumption) and also monthly stipend.
We have achieved this kind of self-funding infrastructure in terms of land, power and water to rehabilitate released prisoners, without any dependence on external factors. Our Rehab Centre houses both male and female prisoners without any preference or biases of any kind. We also provide accommodation and employment to habitual offenders from other cities (extradited prisoners) for up to a maximum period of six months. We take pride in the fact that our self-sufficient and fully functional Rehabilitation Centre has a perfect solution for complete reformation, employment, and long-term intervention of released prisoners, as well as hard-core offenders (and their families).

2. VARHAD also collaborates with small-scale industries to provide employment to released prisoners, who seek other vocation. Our consistent efforts have been to expand the numbers of the beneficiaries from this centre.

3. We help these people by encouraging them to form SHG (Self Help Groups) to improve their economic condition after the release.