VARHAD promotes mental health among the people by conducting workshops and awareness programmes to make people gain first-hand knowledge about it. VARHAD also extends psycho-social support to the young unemployed youths who go astray by conducting career counselling sessions in the regular intervals. VARHAD comprehends what is takes to be the Children of Prisoners who live with their mothers in the prison and in order to safeguards their mental health from the negative impact of prison, VARHAD organizes cultural activities.


VARHAD conducts counselling sessions and helps the prisoners and their families to make pace with the difficult situation that they go through for a prolonged period. It strengthens their hope and trust also makes them aware of the things like parole and the furlough, which are legal rights of prisoners as per the Prison Manual. VARHAD encourages the release of the prisoners on the basis of these laws and coordinates the same with the prisoner’s family, prison, police, judiciary, the concerned departments and the agencies of the state administration.


VARHAD believes in well-thought and well-versed policy and advocacy approach.The consistent advocacy of VARHAD with the Government of Maharashtra has enabled to access welfare scheme for the children and families of the prisoners. In the majority of the cases the primary bread winners are imprisoned which pushes the family into poverty. The family of the prisoners have been identified as the needy households eligible for Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration card, Balsangoapn scheme- a child welfare scheme, Sanjaya Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, and Mukta Bandi Yojana for the released prisoner for self-employment.


VARHAD puts humble efforts to bridge the gap between the prisoners and their families by assisting the prisoners in sending letters and conveying the messageto their respective family members. VARHAD initiated a pathbreaking programme which is known as “Galabhet’ programme for the prisoners which enables the prisoners to meet their family members without any barrier. This is how VARHAD connects the prisoners with their respective families and maintain the emotional bond with one end to the other. This innovative mechanism adopted by the VARHAD helps in building up the trust in the Judicial System and encourage the prisoners not to adopt the illegal and unfair means to escape from the prison rather than to have patience and release from the prison with the due process of the judicial system.