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Home Visit
over 13,000 home visits have been carried out in different parts of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.
Legal Aid
over 9000 people were given legal aid which included, regular court visits, arranging lawyers, following-up the case and assisting to prisoners get parole and furlough.
Educational Support to the Children of Prisoners
over 12000 children of prisoners were given educational support. Which included establishment of the Balwadi in the prion’s premises arrangement of residential schools and financial assistances to for the children of prisoners.
Adult Literacy Programme
Over 150 women prisoners have been benefited out of this programme.
Livelihood Support
Approximately1200 releasedprisonersboth male and female were given the livelihood support which included vocational training, short term trainings, and financial assistances to set up small businesses.
over 200released prisoners have accessed the VARHAD Rehabilitation Centre after releasing from the prison.
Community Kitchen
Over 3,14000 meals have been served from the VARHAD community Kitchen.