There are many innocent individuals who are accused or charged with the criminal charges due to some circumstances and got imprisoned. They are the victims of a faulty law enforcement system and are unable to get justice. This is due to the ignorance, or absence of legal aid. VARHAD ensures them to get access to justice by providing with legal aid. NON-CRIMINALS OR FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS VARHAD Model for Social Work Intervention in the Criminal Justice System In most cases, the first-time offenders are victims of circumstances and they have remarkable potential for reformation if they are treated with positive intent. in order to protect them from such scenario, VARHAD intervenes in the three ways. (1) VARHAD minimalizes the impact of imprisonment by making the prison's environment a reformative experience by organizing various literary, cultural and sports activities within the prison. (2) VARHAD also pushes for the lessening of the prison duration for such prisoners to prevent further criminalization and habituation of the prison. (3) Most importantly, VARHAD facilitates the under-trial prisoners to interact with their respective families. This reduces the negative impact of imprisonment and shows an affirmative possibility in family integration.